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Thanks for visiting our non-partisan website. We created this website because we are fed up, like many NJ tax payers, with the way our government (both state and local) continue to inefficiently use our tax money. Our state and local governments continue to ignore the systemic problems our state is facing effectively dealing with the economic challenges. New Jersey government continues to mask these challenges by treating the symptoms, by raising taxes, rather than fixing whats broken. It is time to rip the bandage off once and for all and deal with these challenges even if it means pain for all of us. It is time to get back to the foundation of what government is supposed to be “by the people for the people”. Our website’s main purpose is to give the NJ community a unified voice to begin that process. We hope you'll participate by not only pointing out state and local government waste of your tax money but also in offering solutions. It is time to fight back, to take our state back and this website is a positive step in doing so. 

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